“9Eleven Releases New Single ‘On The Cloudz’ Featuring Rittz”

9Eleven has just released a new single called “On The Cloudz” featuring Rittz. This is the first single from his upcoming album, which is set to be released Mid 2024. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the new single and what you can expect from the upcoming album.

 On The Cloudz” is a high-energy track that showcases 9Eleven’s unique style and sound. The song features Rittz, who adds his own flavor to the track with his signature flow. The beat is hard-hitting and will have you nodding your head from start to finish.

The upcoming album promises to be just as exciting as the new single. 9Eleven has been working hard in the studio to create something truly special for his fans. The album will feature a mix of different styles and sounds, showcasing 9Eleven’s versatility as an artist.

 If you’re a fan of 9Eleven or Rittz, then “On The Cloudz” is definitely worth checking out. And be sure to keep an eye out for 9Eleven’s upcoming album, which promises to be one of the most exciting releases of the year.


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