Get Even 4/3/24 (By 9Eleven Studio's)  

🎵 **🔥 Exciting News for Artists and Fans! Introducing EVEN: The Ultimate Platform for Music Lovers and Creators! 🔥🎵

🎶 Buy The Art From The Artist 🎶

Are you tired of streaming services that pay artists mere pennies for their hard work? Do you want a direct connection with your favorite musicians? Look no further than EVEN!

🌟 What Is EVEN? 

EVEN is not just another streaming platform—it’s a revolution! Here’s why artists and fans are buzzing about it:

Direct Fan Connection: EVEN empowers artists to establish direct contact with their fans. No middlemen, no barriers. Imagine having a personal chat with your favorite artist! 🎤🎨

Maximizing Reach: Artists can use EVEN to connect with a wider audience. Whether you’re a rising star or a seasoned pro, EVEN helps you reach more music enthusiasts. 🌎🎶

Preparation for Release: BEFORE uploading their music to traditional streaming platforms, artists can sell their music directly to fans on EVEN. Get your music files ready, set up your payment account, and make EVEN your premiere platform! 🚀💰

🎙️ Why EVEN Rocks for Artists:

  • Fair Compensation: Say goodbye to fractions of a penny per stream! With EVEN, artists earn proper revenue for their creativity. 🤑
  • High-Resolution Images: Showcase your artistry with stunning visuals. Create an attractive artist profile that captivates fans. 📸
  • Exclusive Fan Experiences: Share behind-the-scenes content, early releases, and unique experiences directly with your core supporters. 🎵

🎧 Why Fans Love EVEN:

  • Early Access: Be the first to listen! EVEN lets you enjoy new releases before they hit other platforms. 🎶
  • Supporting Artists: When you buy music on EVEN, you’re investing in the artists you love. It’s like buying a piece of their soul! 🎨❤️
  • No Ads, No Subscriptions: No annoying ads interrupting your groove. No subscription fees. Just pure music magic. 🙌

🔗 Ready to Dive In? 

Visit EVEN now and experience music like never before. Let’s transform artists into entrepreneurs, fans into supporters, and music into an unforgettable journey! 🎵✨

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Music Behind Bars-(March,14 2024) By 9Eleven Studio's  

🎵 🔗 Bringing Music Behind Bars: INDULTA and JPay 🎵

Hey everyone! 👋 As an independent artist, you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating music. But have you ever wondered how to reach an audience that’s often overlooked? 🤔 Let me introduce you to INDULTA, a game-changer in the music distribution scene!

🎶 What Is JPay? JPay is more than just a platform; it’s a lifeline for incarcerated individuals. Imagine a world without streaming services or Wi-Fi. In prison, music reigns supreme, generating over $250 million annually from sales alone. But how does it work? Well, JPay provides music kiosks within correctional facilities, allowing inmates to download music directly onto their tablets. No streaming, just downloads. And guess what? Artists earn money per sale and download! 🎧💰

🚀 INDULTA’s Role: Beyond Spotify INDULTA partners with major Digital Service Providers (DSPs) like JPay, Securus, GTL, and Corrlinks (Federal Prisons). Our mission? To get your music into these systems, bypassing the frustration, guides, and costly mistakes. We’re like the backstage crew, ensuring your songs land directly in prison and county jail kiosks, making them available for purchase nationwide. 🌎🎶

📰 INDULTA Magazine: Your Spotlight Think of INDULTA Magazine as Instagram for the prison system. 📸 Our influential and motivational publication reaches over 1 million readers across 500+ correctional facilities in 43 states. We feature artists, share their stories, and promote their albums. No playlist battles, no begging—just genuine exposure. 🎤📖

🎵 Get Involved!

  • Upload Your Music: Let’s make your tunes accessible to an untapped market of over 2 million people. Skip the Spotify streams; on JPay, your song downloads can earn you $2,000 for every 1,000 downloads!
  • Expand Your Fan Base: INDULTA Magazine spreads the word about your album, reaching inmates hungry for fresh sounds.
  • Serious Money: With 2.4 million people incarcerated in the U.S., why not get your music in front of this captive audience? 🎶💸

So, artists, let’s break barriers, amplify voices, and create a rhythm that resonates even behind bars. 🎵🔒

🔗 Learn more about INDULTA here:  Jay Pay Distribution 

P.S. Remember @MeekMill’s tweet? “I wanna drop an album on JPay or cash app… Like I used to sell my stuff in the street. I’m not tryna get paid a dollar every 1,000 streams. Who made that up?” 🤷‍♂️🤑

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